The yoga classes available at Pottsville yoga studio.

Flowing Vinyasa Asana with Angela on Mondays and Thursday at 9 am & kerri on Fridays at 9.30am 

This class focuses on aligning the neutral movement of our bodies with our breath. You could call this yoga an authentic yoga practice, it’s a class for all levels of yoga awareness, from beginner to more advanced.

Learn how to centre your pelvis and find optimal spinal alignment as foundation for true strength, stability, while flowing gracefully through the yoga movement.

This yoga practice is also an opportunity to explore the breath and allow it to guide you into a more spacious and calm presence. Discover how a more spacious and calm presence can create a calm mind the Flowing Vinyasa class emphasis on holding/ releasing/ alternating/ active and relaxed postures to balance the nervous system. Practitioners leave the class completely relaxed and fully alert and energised. This class is for all levels.


Child Pose

Yin YOGA 9 am on Wednesdays with Angela Yin Yoga is a yoga style which is    increasing tremendously in popularity.

During Yin Yoga practice the poses are held for longer periods of time ranging from 3 to 5 minutes or longer. When you hold a pose for a longer period of time, you stretch the deeper body tissues such as the tendons, fascia, ligaments and other connective tissues. This will increase overall flexibility and improve circulation in the joints and other tissues. During Yin Yoga, specific asana sequences are used to stimulate particular energy channels or nadis. The focus during the practice is inwards and meditative.

Lower back special & meditation Mondays and Thursdays with Angela at 10.45

This class is a unique blend of classic Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation practice to harmonise the mind, body and soul.

We do lots of restorative and healing work especially for the lower back, neck, spinal misalignment and other health concerns.

The Lower back special yoga class is an incredible effective approach to balance the body structures for optimal pain-free movement while safely improving your flexibility in life. This class is for all levels.


                                                                         Yoga with kerri Friday s at 9.30 

Balancing, Relaxation, Reiki plus head and shoulder massage.

Mmmmmmm the best ever