“We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into the body”


All classes are taught in a personal, small group (maximum 8 people) setting for the moment. From beginner to intermediate and advanced, our classes are designed for all ages and abilities.  Every class is held in our beachside studio at 97 Elanora Ave, Pottsville. Please bring your own yoga mat and all other yoga props will be provided. You can book your space in one of our beautiful classes here.

Class Timetable

Opening on Monday the 20th of July with a max of 8 students. please book your place on bookings side.

Flowing Vinyasa |  Time: 9am | Teacher: Angela
Back Special and Meditation | Time: 10.45am | Teacher: Angela
Slow Yoga Flow | Time: 9.00am | Teacher: Kerri ( from term 2 onwards)
Yin Yoga | Time: 9am | Teacher: Angela
One-on-One Reiki / Yoga Therapy | Time: 10.45 am | Teacher: Angela
Flowing Vinyasa | Time: 9.00am | Teacher: Angela
Slow Yoga Flow | Time: 10.45am | Teacher: Angela
Flowing Vinyasa | Time: 9.00am | Teacher: Kerri

Class Information

Flowing Vinyasa

While flowing gracefully through the yoga movements, learn how to centre your body. You will find optimal spinal alignment, which develops the foundations for true strength, stability and flexibility. This class is suitable for all yogis who wish to take their yoga to a new level.


Back Special and Meditation

An incredible effective approach to balance the body structures for optimal pain-free movement, while safely improving your flexibility in yoga practice. This class features longer guided meditation practice.


Slow Yoga Flow

This class allows for an unhurried, safe and careful approach. Emphasis will be on alignment, breath and mindfulness. While the slow tempo is perfect for beginners and students with pre-exisiting injuries, all students will find plenty of challenges as we explore this patient practice.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beautiful, quiet and still yoga practice. We hold the yin yoga poses longer to allow the body tissues to open, nourish and lengthen.


One-on-One  Reiki /Yoga Therapy

A one-on-one personal healing

Reiki treatment a healing, balancing and harmonising of the chakras.

Yoga practice to develop a home practice routine. A take-home practice plan is included in these sessions.


” The greatest contribution of yoga to mankind is breath awareness”.