Pottsville Yoga Studio empowers transformation through yoga, for all ages and abilities.

Our clients are the focus of our every effort and aims to provide long-lasting and meaningful value for every student.

Have a read of what our yogi-lovers think of Pottsville Yoga Studio below:

From Chantal Chamberland, Pottsville Beach 

For many years I wanted to embrace yoga for the health benefits it provides, but I always found the yoga universe somewhat intimidating and, frankly, a bit showy and pretentious. Then I met Angela at Pottsville Yoga Studio and it changed my life! From the first moment I set foot in her studio I felt welcomed and at ease. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow, and there was absolutely no pressure to keep up the pace as a beginner. Both Angela and Kerri are wonderful teachers who know their stuff very well. More importantly, they go out of their way to adapt the classes to everyone’s capacity, suggesting more challenging poses for advanced participants, and much easier options for people with physical limitations. The studio is luminous and comfortable with large windows making the surrounding vegetation part of the decor, and the ambiance is wonderfully peaceful. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and tried reiki sessions with Angela. They were a perfect complement to the yoga practice, helping me reach even deeper levels of relaxation and well-being that I haven’t felt in a long time. If you’ve never tried yoga and just want to dip your toes in the water, this is the place to start. And if you’re an advanced practitioner who needs to freshen up your routine, you will find kindred spirits in Angela and Kerri. I am hooked and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, 

Narelle Murray, Cabarita Beach

I have know Angela approx. 13 years, and going to yoga with Angela approx. 8 years and think she is amazing. Compassionate, Empathic, kind, knowledgeable, funny, good cook and a beautiful person in side and out, she is simply the best! Yours Sincerely N Murray 

Claire Byrne, Cabarita Beach

Always feel so at Peace after Angela’s class & very nicely stretched too.

Suzanne Bourke, Cabarita Beach

Angela is my much loved yoga teacher. She has taught me for 4 years and in that time I have become much stronger especially in my upper body.  She runs thoroughly planned classes and makes them personal and different each week.  Her explanations and individual attention even in a group ensure that Her students are safe and challenged.  I have had a few injuries in the last 2 years from an accident and the ageing process. She gently improved my strength after a dog snapped my tibial plateau and that has been so good for my physical and mental health. I can highly recommend Angela for beginners and confident yogis.”


Glenda Adams, Pottsville Beach

“I began my Yoga journey with Pottsville yoga few years ago now, and I am loving It! My yoga practice has improved my strength and flexibility and I cannot imagine my life without my yoga mat and soothing Yoga Nidra.”


Rebecca Howlett, Pottsville Beach

“I want to firstly say I have really found a true enjoyment of yoga, your teaching style, knowledge and natural calmness makes me feel fortunate to be practicing yoga with you. When I felt I needed to change my exercise pace I went looking for local yoga, finding your studio advertising in the street and I am so grateful I did! I was seeking a more relaxed yet strengthening exercise to undertake as the pregnancy progressed. I discovered this, along with an new found appreciation for stillness, quietness and mindfulness, particularly of my breathing, which I am sure this connection may help me in upcoming labour.  Even when the need came to modify the poses, as my pregnancy progressed the classes were great for reducing anxiety and really importantly energy, the energy I would leave there with was a vital benefit!!!! Angela would always ensure the safety of myself and my baby throughout the class, by explaining what poses are great in pregnancy and which poses are not suggested, giving me alternatives when appropriate.”


Melanie Lemmon, Pottsville

“I have been attending Angela’s beginner classes for around six months now and have noticed a difference in my overall back strength and I have also felt the effect of this weekly practice on my mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone and can’t wait to see what six more months is doing for me. Thanks Angela.”


Julie Boyed, Hastings Point

“Pottsville Yoga provides the most personalised and professional sessions I have ever attended. The care and attention of Angela has greatly assisted in my recovery.”