Yoga Classes

(* excellent classes for beginners post-and pre-natal mums).

Vinyasa Asana;yogaclass3
this class focuses on aligning the neutral movement of our bodies with our breath. You could call this yoga an authentic yoga practice, it’s a class for all levels of yoga awareness, from beginner to more advanced.

yogaclass1Embodied Flow; *
This class is an opportunity to explore the breath and allow it to guide you into a more spacious and calm presence. Discover how a more spacious and calm presence can create a calm mind this class emphasis on holding alternating, active and relaxed postures to balance the nervous system. Practitioners leave the class completely relaxed and fully alert and energised. This class is for all levels.

Lower back special;*
This class is a unique blend of classic Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation practice to harmonise the mind, body and soul. We do lots of restorative and healing work especially for the lower back, neck, spinal missalingnment and other health concerns. This class is for all levels.

Prana Flow;yogaclass2
Prana flow class begins with warm up postures that gradually evolve into the sun salutation. In this unique Saturday morning class we move without stopping, unleash your inner creative fire and flow into inverted postures to give you the best start your weekend can possibly have. This class is for all level. (best to eat breakfast after class, tea provided).

Mother and Teen Daughter Yoga;
This class is an unique experience for mother and teen daughter. A chance to reconnect on a different level. It is a mixture of yoga types, with partner poses and some fun.

meditation2Meditation Course;
A 5 week meditation course to learn the secrets and benefits of meditation. Included in the course are Japa beads and instructions on how to use them, Yoga Nidra relaxation yoga and indept Mindfulness Meditation practice. We use all 5 methods of meditation (touch, smell, sound, taste and movement).

Yoga Basics;
A great beginners class to learn the fundamentals of classic yoga practice, Develop awareness of breath and body with an introduction to relaxation techniques and mindful movements.