Why do we practice yoga?

The practice of moving the body into postures with the breath is well documented for improving Strength, balance,
and flexibility. Western studies are showing that regular yoga asana can positively influence improvements in immunity,
digestion,respiration and circulation. Researcher Lipton summarises, yoga can assist with osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, back pain, carpal tunnel, irritable bowel syndrome, and menopausal symptoms, weight loss, recover from injury,
just to name a couple.

yogalara25-300pxPsychologically too it’s been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity, and improve cognitive performance, confidence, and self awareness. The yoga practice can be used as a tool to calm the mind and move into the inner essence of meditation, moving or still. so in a society where over occupied minds are permanently contactable, bombarded by emails, text, calls, and tweets leading to mental overload. It’s the time on the mat where you find a union between your physical, mental, and inner self. If you find your peace on the mat than you have found your yoga, in class at home or on the beach it’s your practice with your body. Make the most of it!

(Lipton, L. The latest yoga research, at www.ideafit.com).