Time table

Summer Timetable


the Pottsville yoga studio is open ! 

next holidays are from Friday 13 April until may 1

All classes are Suitable for every age and ability from beginner to intermediate.

Healing yoga with Kerri

On Wednesday at 6pm, a restorative class for anyone who feels they need to reconnect, heal and breathe. Using a variety of props to keep you feeling totally relaxed, you are held in gentle poses while you connect to your breath and self. Kerri will be sharing Reiki with each individuals student to enhance their blissful state and to promote healing and balance. This class is finished with a head/shoulder massage.


Yoga philosophy  Workshop with Angela ;

Mondays March 5 starts ” the wisdom of yoga ”

there must be more to life let’s explore together. A 5- week  workshop to learn about the ” eight limbs” of yoga practice. In hort it’s about creating balance, equanimity, to live in peace, good health and harmony with the greater whole. Course starts Monday March 5 at 11 am  please book


therapeutic yoga workshop with Angela; 

Thursday 15 February  at 11 am.

for a more senior clientele. Exercise Physiologist Angela, will help you find ways to nurture your body by listening, questioning  observing, to reduce or manage your symptoms, improve function, and adjust to health conditions.


Creative yoga workshop with Angela

Tuesdays at 9.30 Course starts on 6 February 9.30 am

join me for a 7-week 2 hour program, combining yoga, meditation and creative practice. This workshop will move the body, quite the mind, and tap into your creative sources, exploring art modalities, in visual arts.



We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into the body.

Pottsville yoga studio is always closed during the school holidays .

Flowing vinyasa  ;
this class focuses on aligning the neutral movement of our bodies with our breath. You could call this yoga an authentic yoga practice, it’s a class for all levels of yoga awareness, from beginner to more advanced

Wednesday lower back special   are classes tuned in for students who have back problems. preventing and managing the back pain through yoga. This class also suits students with spinal misalignment, neck problems pregnant students and headstandperfect for people who “sit” all day.

Embodied flow classis to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue.  classes are excellent for post and pre natal and who are new to yoga.  We stay in the a pose that works on the deeper level of stress relieve ” the Bliss layer ” the breath will guide us through the practice so we are able to return to a balanced stage. Due to a lack of stress release, we accumulate stress in ourselve. The Embodied Flow yoga prac will let you release all the build up. By shifting the breath we will reduce you stress levels.

” The greatest contribution of yoga to mankind is breath awareness”.

The Saturday morning Prana flow class  with Cameron, has no end and no beginning based on the “sun salutation” the class flows from one move or pose to the next it can also become a moving meditation after a couple of rounds of the sun salutation.  A cup of tea is provided so you can do work work out on a empty stomach excellent for inverted yoga poses. We cover the full rage of inverts head- shoulder- hand stands. Back bends and lots more . A great start of the weekend and your family would not even know you have been out the house!

Yoga therapy one hour private or to create your home practice (max 2 people)With  exercise physiologist Angela $60 for 60 min

If you are a regular student it is great to have your own mat (hygiene), the purple mats at the studio are for new students and as a curtesy (if you forgotten your mat) we wash those mats weekly, as Saucha; purity and cleanness of mind, body, heart and environment Is a part of the eight- limbed system of yoga.We sell new mats at the studio for cost price for you as we believe that the only thing you need for your yoga (home) practice is a good quality mat that is non slip and not too expensive. ($35)